A unique school for your unique child

We're looking for a campus! If you know of a boarding school or other facility that can serve as a boarding school campus for sale, please let us know.

Golden Tree Academy was a concept school developed based on experiences working within the junior boarding school industry and various summer residential programs. The hope was to create a small, nurturing, engaging, and enriching academic and living community for students in fourth through eighth grade in which they could feel free to be themselves, without the pressures of having to "fit-in" to a particular peer group. Instruction was to focus on core middle school topics, along with an emphasis on logic and critical thinking. Learn more about what we hoped to achieve in our Vision Statement.

We firmly believe our program could have been one of the best in the nation for the type of children we sought to enroll. However, we have been unable to procure sufficient interest and financial resources to develop the school program. Due to these factors, the development of the school has been temporarily suspended. Learn more about our background and needs to continue development.